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We dont want to spoil it for you, but if you want to know more here are some of our rewiews:

This adventure/dining/interactive theatre experience is a very innovative event designed for entertaining a small number of people during a whole evening, during which they have to interact with each other and use different talents in order to solve a murder mystery. From the beginning to the end it is a very professional spectacle that keeps you busy guessing the answer to the mystery. Johan is entertaining in his performances and encourages everyone to show their most interactive, creative and mystery-solving side. I very much recommend Gothenburg Murder Mystery for anyone who is open for an interactive experience, who wants a good laugh, and who is ready to challenge yourself a little bit more than during a regular movie or theatre show. 
Nils Ohlanders review of Gothenburg murder mystery, 30 november 2015. 
A very satisfying experience for both taste buds and brain! The experience of knowing nothing about what would happen during the evening beforehand was equally exciting and a bit scary. We were provided with the prerequisites of something epical and then given the opportunity to affect the turn of events. With the right party you will have an experience that you could talk about for ages!

Pontus Dymen  short rewiew, 30 november 2015

"I have been to Gothenburg before. I have seen, but not necessarily used, a spade before. I have experienced the brain of Johan before"

john Hinton on the question: Have you partcipated in anything similar?

"Yes. Live a magical moment out of the reality. I hope to meet creatures from the north pole and do rituals"

Lina Marciblue on the question: Have you figured out what you are about to experience?

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