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Best multiple actor 2016

Radical Academy

What kind of experience is this?

What is this?

This murder mystery is a newly written mix of theatre, mystery adventure and social game night. It’s a great way to combine teambuilding with entertainment.


Book as an individual

If you are looking for something to do with your partner/best friend it’s possible to come on our regular dates. Then you play together with total strangers and have the possibility to make new friends. We play regularly but you need to book in advance.


Book as a group

We are flexible to meet your schedule and location



Gothenburg Murder Mystery is available in the following languages: English, French and Swedish, (French needs to be booked 30 days in advance)


Ethical policy

This show was created using 94 % recycled material, recycled jokes, characters and plot. Its locally produced entertainment aimed to engage the audience. 50% of the characters in this mystery are women. When you play Gothenburg Murder Mystery you contribute to creating local jobs for artists that live and pay tax within the Gothenburg region.



Have you already seen/participated in the show?

Thank you so much for coming, we hope that you are happy with your evening. If you liked this show and want to organise the game for your friends its totally possible. And if you want to see the show again expecting a different result just make sure you book: Version 2.0.

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